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Wacaw, SK

VENUE: Wheatland Express

DATE: May 27th 2023


North Battleford SK

VENUE: SHEnanigans

DATE:  May 26th 2023



VENUE:  Camrose Resort Casino

DATE:  June 2nd/3rd 2023


Medicine Hat, AB

VENUE:  The Esplanade Centre

DATE:  June 9th


Black Diamond, AB

VENUE: Black Diamond Hotel

DATE:  June 10th, 2023



Innisfail, AB

VENUE: Innisfail Legion

DATE:  June 11th, 2023


Athabasca, AB

VENUE: Magnificent River Rats Festival

DATE:  July 1st, 2023


Kamloops, BC

VENUE: Music in the Park

DATE:  July 15th, 2023


Buffalo Lake, AB

VENUE: Old MacDonald's Ranch Festival

DATE:  Sept 9th, 2023


Cranbrook, BC

VENUE: Key City Theatre

DATE:  Sept 23rd, 2023


Prince Albert, SK

VENUE: E A Rawlinson Centre for the Arts

DATE:  Oct 6th, 2023


Winkler, MB

VENUE: P.W. Enns Centennial Concert Hall

DATE:  Oct 21st, 2023


Nisqu, AB

VENUE: Black Jacks Roadhouse

DATE:  October 28, 2023


Lethbridge AB

VENUE: The Holiday Bowl

DATE:  Sept 22, 2023


Edmonton, AB

VENUE: Private Party

DATE:  Sept 25, 2023



VENUE: The Gruuve

DATE:  Oct 7th, 2023



VENUE: The Turvey Center

DATE:  Oct 19th, 2023


Yorkton ,SK

VENUE: The Anne Portnuff Theatre

DATE:  Oct 20th, 2023


Brandon, MB

VENUE: Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium 

DATE:  Oct 22nd, 2023


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